A hardbound illustrated colorful book containing 30 pieces – arrangements of classical music masterpieces. Includes sheet music, composer’s bios, theory quotes and interesting trivia about the originals.  Convenient for complete beginner’s first year of learning the instrument.

Includes:  hardcover printed book / USB pen drive with audio and video material

Pages : 84

Format: printed book / downloadable

Shipping : worldwide

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For those who prefer to work with more traditional material – we have created an attractive illustrated hardcover workbooks.  Each book carries a USB card with all respective media – demos, play-along tracks and “synthesia” video tutorials for users without knowledge of music notation.

“Piano Workbook Level 1” is convenient for complete beginner’s first year of learning the instrument. Song duration range from 40 seconds to 3 minutes long. Most of the original tonalities have been changed to c-major or a-minor. Composer’s texts have been reduced to a melody, simple intervals, very little chords. Tempos are from slow to moderate. Technical requirements from performer are minimal.

Level 1 piano workbook contains 84 pages of music sheet, practice instructions, music theory quotes and interesting trivia about composers.

This book is highly recommended as an academic tool, for music schools, private piano teachers and other educational establishments.  HomeOrchestra books are listed in approved working material of the  famous Moscow “Gnessin School of Music”.

This book is also available in digital format for immediate download