“White Adagio”


Excerpt from ballet “Swan Lake”

Level : 2 – intermediate beginner

practice instructions PDF
music sheet PDF
“soloist plus orchestra” demo MP3
“minus soloist” play-along mp3

Length: 3min 18sec

Format: downloadable

Watch here


“Swan Lake” is an immensely popular ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The scenario was fashioned from a Russian folk tale and tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. “White adagio” is a love scene between main characters.  Princess Odette (the “White Swan”) and Siegfried, in the beginning of their courtship. It is opposed to the “Black Adagio” later in the plot, where Prince gives Odile (The Black Swan) the feather of love which he got from Odette in the course of the “White Adagio”.

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