"Piano Symphony" is a sub-product of HomeOrchestra. It features all of our titles, performed by our founder Lola Rasulova, and "Orquesta Sinfonica Reino de Aragon" of Aragon, Spain.

This Album includes almost every masterpiece of symphonic music, squeezed on to a double-CD. These famous works have a new, fresher sound - when powerful,  yet mellow,  sound of the piano takes over the familiar melodies, dear to every music lover.

It can also be used as educational material for music classes. Obviously it is difficult for a young student to sit through entire symphony, or concerto, let alone 3 or 4 of them. "Piano Symphony" encompasses the great legacy of symphony composers,  in a spectacular short presentations, with all the main themes highlighted.

This Album can  be provided on a USB pen drive.


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